Parents’ Testimony

Parents' Testimony

Our son grew up in this daycare since he was ten-month-old, and now he`s three-and- a half. The first thing that we like about it is that the teachers are not only very experienced in child caring and education but also sincerely devoted to their work. As mothers we often think about the nutrition part of our children`s life more than the spiritual food, which is actually more important for their well-being: well this daycare has been feeding our son both ways and we feel comfortable and confident to leave him here every morning, knowing that he`s in good hands.

An even greater change has taken place after the Montessori program was introduced. The environment, schedule, program, arts and crafts, story time are all well organized in order to support this new program. We have observed that our son started to be more able to concentrate and more eager to learn. Academically, he`s been well guided by his teachers to learn the alphabet, to fall in love with books, to draw and paint, to play puzzles…etc. Socially he`s learned to communicate with other friends, share, respect, be responsible and understand consequences.

The teachers have always been a great support for us, who often go nuts like any busy parent.

They worked very hard and patiently together with us to discipline our son, to help him better understand and manage his emotions, to learn respects and limits, to learn important life skills, such as putting clothes on, zippers, toilet training, tidying up and helping others. It is normal for a mother to worry about her child when he`s apart from her, but I often feel very assured, because I know that the owner and the staff all share good values and high standards in all aspects of child-caring.

We are very happy to see our son grow up, in his first important stage of public life, with the wonderful staff in the daycare. We strongly believe in one thing: it is crucially important for a child to have good daycare experience for it helps him build a strong foundation to achieve both academically and socially later on in his life. Memories go way back into early childhood, we want our son to remember the fun, the warmth, the love, the guidance that he has had in this daycare, and furthermore, we also enjoy and cherish them as precious memories of our own.

Thanks to A.M.I and all the wonderful staff!

March 31 st , 2016 -- Yao Yao & Shuping Liu